The Word

I never saw it coming but I should have. After all I am on a battlefield. But for a moment I had forgotten. With a few victories my pride had grown. I believed in my abilities instead of Him. With that i made myself vulnerable. An easy target to be attacked.

I have fallen. Been tripped over by a decision I made without Him. A mistake that now consumes me. The weight of it crashes me in the day and suffocates me at night. I wake up to the pain of knowing that I have failed. I breathe in the disappointment that clings to the air. I try to get up but I’m bounded by shame. I cry out but my guilt chokes me up. All that remains is fear for what’s to come.

But then I look into His Word and He tells me He hasn’t given me the spirit of fear. He reminds me that He’s my strength. There’s nothing that He cannot do. In my weakness, He’s made stronger. Even though I walked out on him, He forgives me and welcomes me. He evelopes me in his love and promises to never leave me.

The Word gives me hope. With him I’m able to breathe. The pain becomes bearable. He holds me up and helps me to take a step. As I look to him, he’ll direct my path. How blessed am I to have Him on my side. The God of gods, King of kings, Lord of lords. Thank you Father.



Christian Battles

There’s a battle i am fighting. It began when I gave my life to Christ and accepted him as my personal saviour. The moment I believed in my heart and confessed with my lips i was thrown into a battlefield.

What was i to do? Right in front of me stands the Lust of my flesh sharpening a knife of fornication and masturbation to stab me with. To my side is the Lust of my eyes with a spear of phonography ready to pierce me. Creeping behind me is the Pride of my life with a bow of self importance and an arrow of ambitions waiting to fire at me. Sorrounding me are my desires of this world with stones of friends, clothes, money ready to throw at me.

It’s a battle i had not anticipated. But as I let the love of God fill me, I am given the strength to fight. With the Word of God and prayer as my sword, I am able to fight back. There have been times I have been hit. Times that I’ve been trampled over but then Mercy and Grace comes to my aid and I’m able to stand back up.

The battle is ongoing but with faith on my side I know I’ll win.